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The risk inherent in any sphere of hotel business, which is associated with many conditions and factors that influence a positive outcome accept people solutions. Historical experience shows that the risk of not getting the intended results became especially apparent when the universality of commodity-money relations, competition participants in economic turnover. Entrepreneurship in the hospitality business is impossible without risk, thus the cost of hotels in Novosibirskreduced and risk is the risk of losses or foregone income compared to the forecast. Entrepreneur, starting your own business or a new project needs to explore possible areas of risk is acceptable, critical and catastrophic, to understand which categories of risk exist in the field of business and Commerce. In addition, he must know the methods of measurement and pooling risk to examine the data in Chapter recommendations on how to reduce your losses as a result of risk.
Analysis of theoretical studies devoted to the issues of risk, leads to the conclusion that in these studies pay little attention to a number of problems, underestimation which in the practical use of the results of theoretical research may lead to incomplete or incorrect assessment of the influence of various ROF on the relevant types of risk. On the basis of theoretical materials, an analysis was conducted of the impact of risks on the functioning of the enterprise for example hotels AFM. On the basis of the conducted analysis it can be concluded that overall, the financial situation was handing over the apartment office apartments for rent in Novosibirsk without intermediariesimproved, but to date financial risk is a key role among all the possible risks of the activity of the factory. Here, priority is given to such factors as: the structure of capital and how it may affect future payments. In addition to financial risk, the company is also exposed to other types of risk:
1. A decrease in the planned volumes of production and sales due to reduced productivity, downtime and the underutilization of production capacity, loss of working time, lack of the required quantities of raw materials, increased percentage of defects leads to a shortfall of planned revenue.
2. The reduction of the prices at which it is planned to sell the product, due to inadequate quality, adverse changes in the market, falling demand, and price inflation leads to probable losses. the
3. Increased material costs due to waste of materials, raw materials, fuel, energy. the
4. Other increased costs that may be due to high transport costs, trade costs, overhead, and other incidental expenses. the
5. Payment of increased royalties and taxes, if in the process of implementation of the business plan contributions and taxes will change in unfavourable for the entrepreneur side. the

the results of the analysis showed that for hotels, the most significant are beautiful photo of Novosibirsk, price and commercial risks at the expense of these photos is reduced. Therefore, we can conclude that the studied company is not paying enough attention to the problem of risk management. Among the methods used minimize the risks, we studied the enterprise are the main diversification of suppliers and buyers, as well as activities, property insurance, and also this technique of risk compensation as the monitoring of socio-economic and regulatory environment. Subject to the conclusions made on the basis of the analysis of the financial condition of the studied enterprises, risks and methods to reduce them, we have developed recommendations for improving the system of risk management, through the establishment of the risk management division. This Department should work based on the program Secure Shuttle Transport and trust risk management activities. For hotels recommended for implementation the following methods to reduce risk: - the use of insurance instruments to protect intellectual property and reduce risk of non-commercial contracts; -reservation of funds to cover unforeseen costs.

-limitation in the receivables management and debt policy. In addition, to reduce the risk of sub-optimal allocation of resources, economic fluctuations and changing tastes of customers and the actions of competitors are encouraged to use marketing research. In particular, it is advisable to conduct a study to determine the exact number of production and to explore possible actions of competitors and customer preferences. In conclusion I must say that whether we like it or not, but, pursuing entrepreneurial activities (especially at the stage of its development), we have to deal with uncertainty and high risk. The task of a true entrepreneur, business Executive of the new type is not to seek to deal with deliberate foreseeable result, the case without risk. It is necessary to avoid imminent risk and to anticipate him, trying to reduce to a possible lower level.
In addition to the financial risks of hotels AFM, are important and other commercial risks arising in the production process. So the production risks associated hotels with a loss from suspension of production due to non-delivery of raw materials, or the failure of equipment. Trading risks hotels arise in connection with a loss by reason of delay of payment from buyers of furniture on credit. As one of the most significant are the political risks. Today all production, including hotel very much depends on the political course chosen by the government, so any changes in the first place, the legislature, directly affect the activities of the factory: tax policy, timber, etc., the Second-largest economic risks. Of course, the economic situation of the country as a whole affects the operation of hotels. If the country is watching economic growth, monetary and financial policy is stable, therefore, reduced the interest rate on the loan, the increase of trade. On the other hand, the economic crisis of the country in the first place affects the production, which as a "litmus test" reflects the state of the economy. Affects the activity of hotels and indicators such as consumption, investment and employment in the country, because the more the population, the development becomes the range of services offered by the factory and higher turnover. Present during the activities of hotels and apartments on apartments for rent in Novosibirsk operational risks that can be associated with incorrectly selected assortment policy, thereby reducing turnover and the company incurs losses. That is why it is important the importance of the activities of the managers of the factory, the purpose of which is to examine the furniture market and identifying customers ' preferences. Thus, the analysis of the financial environment of the organization takes a leading role among all possible risks of the activity of the factory. Here, priority is given to such factors as: the structure of the company's capital and how it may affect future payments.For the typical enterprise exposure to the following risks. the

So the apartment office and hotels engaged in several activities: Production and sale of services, furniture repair, design services. Depending on the quality characteristics of the particular furniture line, its price can vary significantly. Thus, the factory is focused on consumers with different financial capabilities. The location of consumers also vary. In addition to Barnaul the company supplies its products to the cities as Biysk, Rubtsovsk, Slavgorod. Today, the hotel business is negotiating with the owners apartments for rentfrom Novosibirsk. It may also be noted that at this company uses diversification of procurement of raw materials, i.e. the interaction with many suppliers, which allows to weaken the dependence of the enterprise from its "environment", from the unreliability of individual suppliers of raw materials, materials and components. In addition to the methods of dissipation of the risk the reporting entity uses this method of risk reduction as self-insurance. The company has created a reserve Fund. The establishment of such funds is particularly relevant in the context of the crisis of non-payments. However, the size of the reserve Fund is insufficient compared to the possible losses resulting from the occurrence of overdue receivables, non-performance of the contract or the occurrence of unforeseen expenditures. the

in Addition to the above methods, the factory uses one of the techniques of risk compensation- "monitoring the socio-economic and regulatory environment." The company acquires various updating the computer system of reference data, orders forecasting and analytical studies of consulting firms and individual consultants. The resulting data allow us to catch new trends in the relations between economic entities, to ensure the necessary measures to offset losses from changes in the rules of business, prepare for regulatory innovations. Analyzing your organization risk management system in General, we can say that although some of the techniques reduce the risk of the enterprise used quite successfully, the system itself is not complete. So the company is no safeguard against such risks as property risks, inflation risks, risks of changes in market conditions, insufficiently reduced risks of non-fulfillment of contracts, the receivables, the occurrence of unexpected losses, etc. The reasons for this situation is the lack of insurance culture, experiences and expertise on risk management, the instability of the economic and political situation, which leads to the lack of interest in insurance risks. So, we can conclude that the studied company is not paying enough attention to the problem of risk management. Development and implementation of a risk reduction program in the hotel .Features of decision making under risk and uncertainty. Risks affect various aspects of the enterprise, and, as a rule, the impact of this is negative. Particularly harmful presence and influence of risk on a company that is already in crisis. Work to stabilize the situation, you start with risk management, i.e. to develop and implement economically feasible for the enterprise recommendations and actions aimed at reducing financial losses associated with risk. Any company interested in reducing potential losses associated with economic risk, should decide for itself several problems:

estimate possible losses related to economic risks; to decide, does she have certain risks, i.e. does all the responsibility on them herself, refusing them or transfers some or all the responsibility on them to other entities; the risks or that part of the risks it retains, the firm should develop a program management, whose main purpose is the reduction of possible losses. The main methods of risk minimization in the investigated enterprise are diversification of suppliers and buyers, as well as activities engaged in real estate in Novosibirsk, property insurance, and also this technique of risk compensation as the monitoring of socio-economic and regulatory environment. The solution of these problems is possible through the development of special programs targeted interventions on risk management at the enterprise level. The development of such programs at the enterprise level should ensure that risk management in which the main element of the structure and operations of the company guarantees high resistance and protection against internal and external economic risks.